Free survey tools

Recently I have deployed a user research* in order to understand urlaubster user and their content needs better. However, it took me at least one week to investigate different tools and find out which of them offer free versions, what are the restrictions and which of them would serve the purpose of my project. Different tools have been taken into consideration, so in case you are currently looking for such a tool, here is a list of those I have taken a look at. Hope it will save you a week time 😉

Tool with free version Survey amount Time Questions Responses Notes 1 unlimited unlimited 100 none > 1 2 weeks unlimited > 2000 Different licenses can be tested for 2 weeks unlimited 30 days unlimited unlimited Paid version starting at ~500 Euro per month
Survey plugin for WordPress
unlimited unlimited 6 unlimited  none
Survey plugin for WordPress
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited Only single choice question type possible No free version

The tool of my choice was as it is a professional tool with a wide range of opportunities when creating and also evaluating a survey. This tool is beautifully designed and offers great infographics for results visualization.  Flexible and mighty backend made me happy, whereas smooth, responsive and user-friendly survey frontend made user experience pleasant.

Thus thumbs up and my recommendations for

* A brief summary of my survey results including some graphics by can be found in urlaubster blog.