10 reasons (you’d never thought of) I love webinars

Last(?) presence week for Content Strategy at FH Joanneum Martina said it’s like a little vacation for her to attend it.
That’s how I feel too! Being a full-time family manager, raising two little kids, working in a family business and studying at the same time is intense. In all this craziness webinars are like small islands of peace and joy for me.

Here are ten reasons, why I truly enjoy webinars.

Please turn on your sense of humour and imagination before you go ahead reading.

I love webinars because:

  1. …I finally sit.
  2. …I can attend in pyjamas. And I bet you’ve never noticed that. Yet.
  3. …I can finally finish my breakfast in peace. I am serious. On the days with no webinar, I might not get that far.
  4. …during a webinar I don’t have to carry my colleagues around to make them feel comfortable.
  5. …I can actually make sense out of all that talking. Feeling like I have a clue – oh, that feels good!
  6. …I love hearing soft sane voices. No even ear protection needed!
  7. …I enjoy to finally be _the_one_ who asks the questions.
  8. …my colleagues don’t start fights and I don’t have to deal with it. Thank you, guys! I appreciate that.
  9. …I don’t _have_to_ multitask. And I swear I’ll fight for this privilege.
  10. …someone else has to bring my kids into the bed. And if the webinar is finished too early I can pretend it is still going on (at least until kids are asleep).
  11. …I really enjoy sitting… haven’t I mentioned that yet?
Easter holidays stress me out. I am already looking forward to the next webinar to sit down and just do nothing than listening to some sense making talks.

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