Don’t leave your ego at home when you go to a client

I had the honour to learn from famous content strategists like Margot Bloomstein and Deane Barker. In their webinars and workshops for Content Strategy students, they both recommend not to involve ego into content strategy projects. In this short article, I summarize the main reasons why I totally disagree.

Beware irony.

Your ego should not be missing

Any consulting project, where X amount of client representatives are involved, automatically includes at least X amount of egos. Why should yours be missing? More egos, more fun! This is how you make friends.

You know it ALL

Obviously. Otherwise, why would they hire you? They pay for your expertise and you are confident YOUR solution is the best. No doubts allowed.

You are right

Your reputation is very important to you, isn’t it? And you wouldn’t allow any client to ruin it. So you ARE right, whatever happens.

You are better

To make people stop questioning your solution, you might need to decrease their self-esteem. To do so just confirm their uncertainties in themselves whenever you can. And never educate them. Very soon they will feel insecure and incompetent and will finally stop messing with your ego.


Beware irony.

Do you feel a bit worried or stressed about this approach? Do you think it is exhausting and inefficient?

Well, you should.
Here is some more honest reading about egos involvement in consultant projects by Deane Barker. And here is my honest advice:

Leave your ego at home.

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